1. If I book the transfer, does the driver drop me off at the door of my accommodation?


Yes, we drop you off at the address indicated in your reservation.


2. What is the TransferPoland Emergency contact number?
The TransferPoland Emergency Number is: +48 519 404 151 and it works 24/7. That’s a mobile phone number, so you can also send us a text message.


3. How do I locate my driver or vehicle?
Once you have completed your on-line booking, you will automatically receive a screen confirmation along with an email giving you exact instructions for meeting your driver or vehicle. At the airport, our drivers wait at Arrivals hall right outside the Customs Area, holding a meet and greet card with a name written on the booking form. Upon return transfer, drivers wait in the lobby or right outside the indicated hotel.


4. What happens if I can not find my driver at the airport?
If you have a problem with finding your driver, don’t worry - he is somewhere around for sure. Please go to the nearest information desk and call our emergency number – we will contact the driver immediately.


5. I have left something in the vehicle. How do I get it back?
Please contact our emergency number and give us details of the transfer and the missing items. If we find it, of course we will deliver them to you immediately. In some circumstances a charge may be applicable.


6. Can I change the date of my transfer?

Once the booking has been completed it is not possible to change any information on your own. Please write us an email with all necessary details or call us - we will do it for you.


7. Can I have a voucher or invoice?
Your will be given a voucher once the payment has been completed. If you need an invoice for provided services, please mention about it in your booking request and send us your invoicing details – our driver will give you the invoice upon the transfer.


8. What currency are your rates in?
All prices are quoted and charged in Polish Zloty. On our website, you can also find prices calculated in different currencies (EUR, GBP, USD).


9. Can I have the driver’s mobile number?
Usually we don’t give driver’s contact numbers to our clients. In case of any problems, you can always contact our emergency phone number and we will contact the driver immediately.


10. Is the transfer direct or do we stop en route?
All transfers offered by Transfer Poland are direct, door-to-door.


11. Does the driver speak English?
Yes, all Transfer Poland drivers speak English.


12. Do I have to share a vehicle with other people?
No, you will have a vehicle just for yourself and your fellow passengers.


13. How long will I have to wait at the airport? What about flight delays?
Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport at the scheduled arrival time of your flight. We always monitor flight arrival times, so in case of any flight delay, we will be still waiting for you.


14. I have lots of luggage. Will there be enough space?
Each passenger has an obligation to inform us about outsized items by e-mail of phone and we will make the necessary arrangements. Each passenger may carry one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg and maximum size of 158 cm. Please note that we may charge extra for each additional item.


15. Can I make some additional arrangments directly with my driver?

Yes, of course. Our drivers are allowed to make bookings for our guests for all kinds of local tours and transfers.


16. How long does the airport transfer take?
Transfer from Krakow (Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw) Airport to Krakow (Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw) City Centre usually takes about 30-40 minutes.
Transfer from Katowice Airport to Krakow City Center takes about 2 hours.

Please note that duration of a single transfer depends on the traffic and road conditions.


17. How old are your cars?

All our cars are not older than 2 years. We provide comfortable, air-conditioned and safe vehicles.


18. Are there any additional fees that I shall be aware of?

No, there are no hidden costs what so ever. Transfer Poland does not charge for driver’s waiting time, night fares or traffic.


19. Do you provide child seats? How much does it cost?

Yes, we offer child seats and they are free of charge. However, you shall inform us about it in advance.


20. Can I smoke in the car?

No, we operate a strict non-smoking policy in all our vehicles.


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